Enhance Your Classic Car’s Appearance and Safety with Minor Upgrades

Although every upgrade to a classic hot rod, street rod, muscle car, or other vintage vehicle is important, some are major while others may be minor. Of course, installing new brakes or upgrading the existing ones is a major improvement.

Other major work includes upgrading the transmission, suspension, gearbox, dashboard, and cooling system. Updates for the windows and headlights may also be major, along with overhauling the interior upholstery and other furnishings.

Minor Improvements for Cosmetic Visual Enhancement

Some recommended improvements for your retro-model car or truck may include cosmetic and visual enhancements. Although they may be considered minor, these updates can give your vintage auto an impressive facelift and a more youthful, stylish appearance. These improvements include the following:

1. Add Powder Coating to Clean Metals. Multiple metal components of your vintage auto can be powder-coated for greater durability. These areas include wheel trims, bumpers, and other metal areas. Powder coating is longer-lasting than most paint.

2. Strip Surface Paint and Remove Rust. Paint can be stripped from car surfaces, and rust accumulations can be removed. Parts that are severely rusted may need to be replaced. Yet, even badly rusted areas can be stripped, and their surfaces can be treated with anti-rust solutions as a short-term improvement.

3. Seal Surfaces, Prime, and Paint. Corrosion beneath the car body can be prevented by sealing surfaces. After sealing, areas can be filled, sanded smooth, and primed for painting. All dust should be removed from these surface areas prior to painting.

4. Add Safety Options. The majority of classic cars are missing modern safety equipment. Contemporary airbags, seatbelts, and driver-safety cameras can be installed. Tires and brake lights should also be checked since they often need adjustments or replacement.

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