What to Consider When Buying a Classic Car or Truck

Before you buy a vintage car or truck with a classic style and design, consider several things. First of all, what condition is your vehicle in? Does it need a serious rebuild or restoration work? Will this classic auto get heavy use, or will you only take it for an occasional on-road spin? Most importantly, what is your budget for any necessary upgrades and improvements?

Finding the Right Vehicle Rebuilder or Restorer

Unless you are a fairly competent car mechanic and restorer, remember that you will need to hire a classic car restoration expert, even for body work. If your choices of attractive classic vintage vehicles are in need of significant Concept One pulley systems, LS swaps, or rebuilding or restoring services, consider the cost. Can you afford the cost of upgrading a retro car or truck’s appearance and performance? Will you still be able to afford a good air conditioner?

Some vintage car restorers like to provide top-grade auto restoration and rebuilds at very reasonable prices. They are dedicated to their auto refurbishing skills and want to ensure that your vehicle is upgraded to excellent quality. They want you to be proud to drive and display your prized classic vehicle for many months and years ahead.

What Type of Upgrading Will Your Vintage Vehicle Need?

If you are new to buying classic automobiles, you may want to take a more knowledgeable friend with you to shop for a vintage auto. An experienced friend or car buff may be able to determine whether your favorite vintage hot rod, muscle car, or other auto will need any of the following upgrades:

1. Internal and External Stripping. Most classic cars and trucks need some degree of stripping before essential upgrades can be performed. Typically, the interior furnishings and dashboard will require stripping, followed by the electrical wiring and, often, the gearbox for the engine. Next, the vehicle’s external paneling, headlights, windows, and windshield may need stripping.

2. Brake Upgrades. The condition of the car’s brakes must be examined. If worn and unsafe for driving, a brake replacement is necessary. If it is difficult to operate the brake pedal or if it makes noise when pressed, a new brake booster is needed. You may want to consider a disc brake conversion.

3. Common Restoration and Replacement. Many other important parts of your car or truck may need restoring, rebuilding, or replacement. These updates may include the transmission, engine, powertrain, suspension, tires, and exhaust pipe.

After considering the upgrades that your newly acquired classic vehicle needs, you may decide to hire expert restorers. In the Atlanta, GA area, Kilgore Kustoms is a highly recommended professional rebuilding and restoration service for classic model cars and trucks. Contact our experienced pros today. Call us at (404) 569-0470, send an email to: thekilgorekustoms@gmail.com, or visit our company website: KilgoreKustoms.com.